Legislation Pertaining to Health Products

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Welcome to Diverse Conversations’ module on ‘Legislation Pertaining to Health Products’! This module is essential, because parts of this module will appear in many of your other modules on understanding the healthcare industry, and how you as a health products sales representative fit in.

This particular module will not only help you to put on a legal mindset, but it will also provide a handy summary for you to use in order to gain a reference point for all of the regulatory aspects of your job.

The learning outcomes of this programme are as follows:

  1. Understand the implication of legislation and codes relating to healthcare products and nutrition, including infant formulae
  2. Be able to reference specific legislation pertaining to health products and relevant nutrition
  3. Understand legal concepts, definitions and terminology
  4. Know the steps of registration pertaining to healthcare products
  5. Have knowledge of regulatory body and industry structures
  6. Know what the role of scheduling is; and understand medicine safety with regards to complaints and recall processes