Cell Biology (Orientation)

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This section will take you cells, tissues, and organs, and how to be a good, well-balanced MSR.

Welcome to Orientation

Welcome to Diverse Conversations Anatomy and Physiology: Orientation. This first part of the program consists of 12 Modules dealing with the Anatomy and Physiology of the human body. It also looks at causes, diagnosis and treatment of different conditions that typically develops in our bodies. Each of these 12 programs deal with a different system.

Welcome to Diverse Conversations MSR learnership!

The twelve programs are as follows

Program 1.1: The Cardiovascular system
Program 1.2: The Urinary and renal system
Program 1.3: The Respiratory system
Program 1.4: The Nervous system
Program 1.5: The Musculoskeletal system
Program 1.6: The Gastro-intestinal system
Program 1.7: The Endocrine system
Program 1.8: The Lymphatic and immune system
Program 1.9: The Reproductive system (male and female)
Program 1.10: The Skin
Program 1.11: The Special senses
Program 1.12: Microbiology

At your own pace, you will work through the Anatomy, Physiology, Pathophysiology and treatment option of the different body systems. Once these twelve programs are completed you will start with the rest of the Medical Sales Representative Qualification, which consist of another 12 programs as per the calendar schedule that you received.

The programme will be facilitated using a variety of methodologies including presentations, individual activities, group discussions, e-learning programs, self-study and skill application exercises. Enjoy the experience!