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Diverse Conversations

Welcome to our new business partner Kirsten Redman!

I joyfully welcome my new business partner Kirsten Redman! Kirsten, as shareholder and operations director of Diverse Conversations (, will coordinate key accounts, facilitate training and assess learner results. Kirsten is a qualified pharmaceutical sales representative. In addition, she is in the process of completing her Ph.D. in human physiology and chemical pathology. Working with [...]

QCTO & CHIETA Accredited as a Skills Development Provider

The best way to become a Medical Sales Representative?

It is not always all that easy to find a job as a medical rep if you have no experience of selling or working in the healthcare industry. It is even more difficult once you have this job and still when you start working you get limited coaching and training as to how to do [...]

Acino 2019-2020 Medical Sales Representative Graduates!

Congratulations to Acino 2019-2020 Medical Sales Representative Graduates! I’m delighted that Acino and Diverse Conversations together brought seven new medical sales representatives to the healthcare industry. These representatives are now fully qualified and ready to add value to the industry as medical sales representatives. I am honored to be part of this journey.

Exceptional training in the healthcare industry

Learning from masterful professionals gives you the advantage of getting experience without being experienced.   A number of these masterful professionals are training and facilitating programs that will give you the accelerated development that you are looking for.

A great opportunity to find a job as a Medical Sales Representative?

Are you one of those people who have a healthcare diploma or qualification and still you are struggling to find a job in the healthcare industry? You are one of many!   The ideal way to get into the healthcare industry be it pharmaceuticals, devices, over the counter type medications or doing health promotions is [...]

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